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Requirements for license reinstatement after completing 18 month dui progam?

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I was convicted of a 2nd DUI in 2006 but did not go back to court to handle it until 2010. I will be done with my 18 months of classes in June. Since it has been over five years since the actual offense but only handled in court recently do I still have to get the SR-22 insurance when I go to get my license back or should it be free and clear?

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Yes, you have to provide a SR-22 among other things to get your license restored.


Yes and I believe the reinstatement fine is $125.00.


I'm not really sure what you mean by "convicted" in 2006 but not handled until 2010. However, the SR22 requirement is triggered by 2 events: DMV suspension for DUI and/or conviction (pleading or being found guilty) in court. The SR22 requirement last for 3 years from those events EXCEPT that the DMV will require an SR22 when you are trying to get your driver's license back following a DUI suspension or conviction. So if your license is currently suspended due to a DUI then you will be required to file an SR22. If you are currently on a restricted license and were suspended and convicted in 2006 then you should not have to file the SR22. If you were found guilty or pled guilty/ no contest in 2010 then you still have to file the SR22. There are many companies that will offer SR22s for free or for a small fee.

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