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Requested temporary relief maintenance from my spouse, but his attorney is not providing a counter petition. What should I do?

Belleville, IL |

Everytime there is a court date there is no petition from the respondent and the courts just keep setting status dates. Can the respondent do this without a counter petition? I still haven't received temporary relief for alimony. The spouse is employed making over $50,000/year and I am unemployed, I can't find an attorney to help me even Land of Lincoln states spouse makes too much for them to help me, so I have to do it PRO SE.. Thanks!

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You NEED an attorney or at least an attorney's help. There are several possible solutions. Simply put: you are in over your head and can't do this on your own. I know of several good attorneys who practice in St. Clair County. By the TOS of this site, however, we cannot make referrals, here. You should know what to do, next.


if he can pay his lawyer, he can be made to pay yours. call some lawyers. interview some. get a little money from family and friends. hire one. he need not file a counter petition. you are probably better off that he does not.


His attorney does not have to file a counter petition. You might have intended to use the word "Response", as this would likely be more appropriate. Be sure your petition for temporary support is solid legally, and that it conforms to the local court rules. The next time you are in court, ask for a hearing. The judge has discretion to award you support going back to the date you filed your petition for temporary relief. Ask that the support be retroactive to the date of filing.

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