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I have gotten a Public Police Report and it states that i was REQUEST TO APPREHEND on a domitic volince case my question is did the victim request i be picked up or could this have came from any where i will say it is a warrant from 2010 i got picked up in 2013

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No. The decision to apprehend a person with a warrant is completely up to the discretion of the police agency involved.

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This is the police saying that a warrant should issue. This occurs when the suspect is not present when the police arrive at the scene. This has nothing to do with the alleged victim. Family violence cases are very serious. If you haven't been arrested it may be possible to do a walk through. You're going to need an experienced family violence lawyer.
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The request to apprehend (arrest warrant) comes from a law enforcement agency, but it must be reviewed by a judge, and she must agree that there is sufficient information in the sworn affidavit supporting the application for the warrant to establish probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed by the person to be arrested.

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The warrant was issued because you were not present at the time of the complaint. Assault family violence cases are tricky so you need to get an experienced criminal lawyer on board. Feel free to contact my office for a consultation.

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