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Repost of question already asked. my dad wasnt married. it was just him. my half sister took over when my dad got sick.

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she called and told me he was sick a week before he died. Dad died without a will. my oldest sister whom i only known for 3 years is the power of attorney. is she obligated to share his estate with me or not?
he wasnt married.

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A power of attorney is only good until the principal dies. I'm sure one of the Texas estate attorneys will be by to help you get to the next step or two.

Good luck

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I agree with the other attorney.

The POA ended when your dad died.

In the State of Texas, if your dad died without a will then the State of Texas legislature has determined how his estate will be divided. Based on the limited info your provided, I suspect that all children inherit equally since he did not have a spouse.

Of course, when you meet with an attorney in person, the attorney might give you some information that might be a bit different as you discuss this matter in more depth.

I recommend that you immediately contact a probate attorney to help you. It appears that you live in Houston. I assume that he lived in Houston too.

If he lived outside of Houston, then the probate would be in the county where he lived. You can look on this website & find an attorney in that county. I would find someone pronto!

I can recommend someone that I really like if you contact me.

I am sorry for your loss.

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