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Repayment of an advance on inheritance

Mesa, AZ |

An advance of inheritance was given as a down payment for a house, the person it was given to has died so no inheritance will be given to this person. The husband has the house what recourse is there to get the money back?

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Why would the money go back? Usually if a beneficiary survives the decedent the inheritance has vested and it goes to the beneficiary or the beneficiary's estate.

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Thank you for your questions and comments. Before answering, I would need to know how the husband works into this relationship / question? Was / is the husband married to the beneficiary who received the advance? And I am assuming the grantor of the advance is still alive, correct?

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They were married when she was murdered. Yes the grantor of the advance is still alive.


It sounds like the "advance of inheritance" was a completed gift. If there were conditions to the gift made to the decedent, then I suggest you contact an attorney to understand your legal rights.

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