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Renting a house and maintenance problems

Abilene, TX |

We are renting a house we have been in it for 2 weeks now and the landlord knew of several problems with the house, like the garage door is broken and they said that they have ordered the part that was over 3 weeks ago, but there is a garage door company in town. Also the bathroom tub is not draining the water out and we have to take a shower while the water rises up and there are other problems with the house that the landlord knows about yet is doing nothing to fix it, what are our options.

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(i) Follow the terms of the lease in regards to notifying the landlord of issues. (ii) review state law regarding notifying landlords of issues. It can be found in Texas Property Code section 92.052. The letter describing the issues should be signed by you and sent certified return receipt requested. Also, to expedite the process, hand deliver, fax, and/or e-mail the letter.

The above statements are provided as general information and not intended as legal advice. Each matter has its own set of unique circumstances that cannot be adequately addressed without consultation. You are strongly advised to hire an attorney licensed to practice law in your state to represent you.


Thank you for your question. I agree with Mr. Newton. The main issue is how to proceed. If there are health and safety issues then you may be able to terminate the lease, if the repairs are contractual issues then you may need to file suit. It is possible that the landlord is not liable for the repairs at all. It is best to call for a free consultation to go over the facts.