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Rented home for family 6 months ago. Owner got forclosed. [ Fredimac new owner] gave 3 options didnt like them what are mine

Bradenton, FL |

Have two children girl 10- boy 4 -wife goes to two local schools I work local also. We love the area and dont want to up- root our children again. Original lease was till 6-2013 But we had hoped not to move for a long time mainly for our children. The house was sold at auction to Fredimac .They said we had only [ option 1 to send in our curent lease and they my honor it ] or [ option 2 take $ 3k move out end of month, or less cash depending if we stay the 90 days. They say they will evict us on the 91 day no matter what we do. I am afraid for my familys safty and security, do to its hard to find this type of area that isint above our means at this time

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Unfortunately, you will eventually have to leave the property. Because you have a lease that does not expire until June, 2013, Fredimac is bound to honor it and cannot attempt to evict you before then (unless, of course, you were to fail to pay rent or violate the lease agreement in some way). Fredimac obviously really wants the property, which is why they offered you the other two options.

You say "original lease was till 6-213". Do you mean to imply that you are currently under an amended lease with a different date of expiration? You say that Fredimac will evict you on day 91, which implies that your lease has a different expiration date than the "original lease". You should certainly review your current lease with a local landlord/tenant attorney to discuss your options.

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FreddieMac can't use the 90 day notice, as they aren't a purchaser at foreclosure sale who intends to use the property as his residence.

You can stay until the end of your lease if you pay the monthly rent to FreddieMac.
You should send in your rent payments to FreddieMac via certified letter to prove that
you did so.

You have at least three months to look for a new place.
You can take one of the other options if that looks better to you.
$3,000.00 would make a nice down payment on a new place and maybe
some cash towards rent, too.
Good luck!