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Rented Cert of Occ residential apt. Was defective. Landlord non-responsive. Harassed tenant who earned multiple dismissals.

New York, NY |

1. Landlord next filed in "commercial" court. 2. Tenant prose provided certified residential Certificate of Occupancy and improper service to judge who ignored both and "maintained juristiction" personally, though clearly, commercial court is not the proper juristiction. 3. Judge futher denied tenant due process or a hearing and issued a commercial court ruling for Landlord. 4. Additionally, court had been notified of and supplied with uncontested, court document forgeries by landlord attorneys. ***Should a separate civil suit against landlord and landlord attorneys be: fraud, willful intent to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and conversion. What punitive monies, damages should occur. Are criminal charges a reality in this city. Thanks.

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The issues are too complex and mysterious to properly respond to without an examination of all the papers ands rulings. A civil suit is always in order forthe possible torts you claim.


It sounds like you have a good basis to move to reargue, or else appeal to the Appellate Term. You will need to vacate the judgment against you before beginning a suit against the landlord for fraud, because the landlord will try to use the favorable judgment that he got against you as a defense. Please call me at (212) 359-9576 or email

- Edward Alper

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