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Rental centers can they come to your house and intimidate to pay a debt?

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Hi my niece rented some equipment like television and a computer from a Rent a center, however her husband moved without her knowing after an argument and took the things that she was renting, she now is by herself and her child working very few hours a week and did not make the payment any more to the rental center, three days i a row she has seen 2 guys that have been coming to her door and knock for at least an hour, she does not want to open the door because she has not paid and the husband took the things, they were on her name and now she does not know where the husband is. What legal consequences can she face if she does not pay them. This is in the state of Ca.

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She should contact the police if it happens again and file a complaint against the store. They can not repossess personalty from her home without her cooperation. She may want to contact the store and provide the location of the property. Finally, she may need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney given she is unable to pay her debt. She should call the Law Office of David Lozano in West Covina. He offers free consultations. She can look up his number on the internet. The consultation will at least give her the options she has. Her credit is already bad due to non-payment on this debt.

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It would be illegal for them to intimidate her. However, based on the rental agreement, they may be able to repossess the rental items if payment is not received. If she feels they are coming by for intimidation purposes, she should make proper report to the legal authorities. Be sure to contact your attorney to protect your legal rights.


They can sue her for the debt and the property. She should disclose where her husband is so she can get them to stop coming to her home. If they are knocking some day you should not confront them but someone should be there that can observe them. Do not let them in the house. She should write them a letter explaining the situation and state that she does not have the property.

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Physical intimidation for any reason is a crime and a civil cause of action. They cannot keep on coming to her door like that and sticking around for an hour.

She should immediately write the store explaining the situation and demanding that any attempt to collect from her cease. The store may attempt the sue her. She can turn around and sue her husband for taking the property without compensation and/or file for bankruptcy to avoid personal liability.

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