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Rent Control in Los Angeles and Landlord did not register the apartment building, can he still demand rent?

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Our landlord has not registered our building with the RSO, and therefore does not have a certificate of registration. Is this a defense for eviction? I rec'd a 3 day to pay or quit for being 4 months behind and am trying to find a defense that wil buy me a little time to catch up. If the building is under rent control but it is not registered with the LA Rent Stabilization Board then the landlord cannot legally demand rent, correct? If he registers, can he collect for past due rent that was due during the time he was not registered?

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Yes, it's am affirmative defense to an eviction suit, but it might only be temporary. Landlords are required to register each rent-controlled unit, otherwise they can't collect rent and you could refuse payment [LAMC 151.09(F)].

But once the unit is registered, you have to pay the rent.

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Excuse me Pamela, but your response is not clear: the question pertains to the past due rent. Is the tenant required to pay the past due rent once the unit is registered? It is understood that going forward, once the unit is registered, the landlord can collect future rents, but may he legally go after the past due rents that were not paid while the unit was unregistered? thank you.

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