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Renewing lease and landlord did not give receipts

Forest Hills, NY |

I am a tenant in Forest Hills Queens NY. I have been living in the apartment I am currently in for a year. I signed a lease when we first moved in and my lease is up to expire.

I do not want to sign a renewal lease as I am not sure if I will be there a full year and am concerned about committing for a full year. Do I have any obligation under NY law to sign? Can the landlord take action against me for not signing? Can I be kicked out of my apartment for not signing? I would rather not say anything about possibly not being there for a full year as I am completely unsure if this other living arrangement I am hoping for will work out.

Also, my landlord always sends me a statement to pay rent however he has never provided rent receipts. How do you think I should proceed on this in light of having to currently renew my lease? Should I say anything or not say anything?

Thank you!

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Your landlord can request that you sign a term lease. Should you not want to he can move to have you evicted if you don't leave voluntarily. If he doesn't ask you to re-sign - you should examine the existing lease that you have to see what provisions are made if you hold over beyond the original term.


No, you can't be forced to sign a new lease if you don't want to. However, if you don't he can proceed to have you evicted. If you holdover, then the either the lease or statute will determine the rights/responsibilities of both you and your landlord.

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Daniel Antonio Hernandez

Daniel Antonio Hernandez


As to the receipts, this has no effect on you renewing your lease. If you want receipts when you pay rent (and you should), request them. If he refuses, do not pay cash. pay by check or money order.


Your lease may dictate how your holding-over will work - as far as increased rent, etc. If not, you'll become a month-to-month tenant under the same terms. Are you paying cash? Maybe start paying by check or money order.

I may be guessing or not licensed in your state. No atty/client relationship exists.

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