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Removing a restraining order

El Paso, TX |

In August of this year I made the decision to leave my spouse do to adultery, verbal emotional abuse and continuous lies that put me in many legal troubles. I have been homeless since and so currently have an attorney to help with many of these problems. Well as a result of leaving my spouse she was angry and decided to tell another lie that had a restraining order issued against me for the term of two years. I wanted to fight the case considering i had witnesses and sign in sheets that verified I had not been near her in over two weeks. My attorney advised me and correctly so to except the restraining order with language of family violence removed because the court always sides on the side of caution and I would not only have the restraining order but a finding of family violence with or with out proof. Any way my spouse has left the state of Texas and moved her and my children to Missouri. Is there anyway i can now have the restraining order lifted? Considering i had evidence to my innocence and the restraining order does not look good on my record and precludes me from things like carrying a fire arm which in turn prevents me from joining the military after my graduation from college. If there is a way to have the order set aside, dismissed or what ever the terminology is please let me know. Again she no longer resides in the state of texas from which the order was given and I was innocent from the beginning.

Damone Hopewell
El Paso TX

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Talk to your lawyer about filing a motion to modify/dissolve the injunction. If you've gone to the trouble to hire a lawyer, use him.

I am not intending this to be legal advice, because I don't know the particulars of your situation. Call me if you would like to discuss this or other isues.

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