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Remove a Protective Order

Plano, TX |

I had filed a Protecive Order against my boyfriend in Aug 2010. We have since decided to work thru our indifferences. I would like to have this removed ASAP. I went to fill out paperwork and turned them into the clerk. I was advised to await a court hearing. What can I expect?

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Attorney answers 2


The only person who can remove a protective order is the person who granted it. That judge will want to know why you want the order removed, whether you are safe if he removes it, etc. He may also inquire as to whether your boyfriend has violated the order while it has been in place.


You can expect the judge to ask why you sought a protective order to begin with if it turns out your boyfriend is not so dangerous. Protective orders are a serious deal here in Collin County and you should consider hiring an attorney to help you through this process.

I'm glad you and your boyfriend are able to work things out.

Good luck!!