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Removal of contents from the Estate of our mother ,who passed away, before the legal process started.

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My mother left an estate to my sister and I stating in her will that we are to split the contents 50% 50% with no other specific instructions about the contents of the house. My sister claims that our mother gave her certain items of high value, which is heresy. and she is presently removing items from the estate without permission or evidence to prove her claims. I live in California and the estate is in Arizona. In the will my mother stated that the house is mine and I am waiting for the title to be sent to me. I am trying to have my lawyer write a letter to my sister to stop her from taking anything she wants out of the house and claiming it as her own, but he is on vacation and so far I am getting very upset about this situation and feel helpless. Is this against the law?

Please Note: This Is Not Going Through Probate. It is a Trust.

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It would not be a proper transfer of property subject to a probate proceeding. Did someone file a petition in a court of law to probate your mother's estate?


It does sound like your sister may not be entitled to the property but a local Probate attorney that has access to all the facts would know best. If you attorney is not available, do they have someone in the office to cover for them that can make the demand?

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The estate must be opened in the probate or similar court in your mother's area that handles decedent estates. Whoever posses the Will needs to submit it to the court.
An appraiser should be obtained to inventory and assess the value of the contents of the home. It may be possible to get a court order against your sister from removing the contents pending administration of the estate. You should contact an attorney in Arizona who can handle this since that is where the estate is.

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Your sister should not be removing property. Is there anyone else in your lawyer's office to write her a letter. She would be entitled to 1/2 of it, so what she is doing would not be considered against the law, especially if she is only taking her 1/2.

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