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Relocation/Custody Evaluation/Trial

Los Angeles, CA |

We had a relocation hearing and we were ordered a custody evaluation *baby is 1 year old.
I am non working mother and i was ordered to pay Half of the Evaluation! Just because the judge said so, she said it was subject to reallocation at the future hearings. My ex makes lots of money and is trying to manipulate the situation to take our child away from me as much as possible.
We have a Trial coming up in 1 month and can I bring this issue at the Trial and ask her to reconsider that decision or I have to file right now a Motion to Reconsider? Please advise.
I have turned down jobs elsewhere because of this court process.

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Attorney answers 1


Rather than focusing on splitting the costs of the evaluation, you should be concerned about your upcoming trial! Obtain legal representation if at all possible. That is an important trial. If the judge specifically stated she would consider reallocation of the evaluation cost at a later date, you could try to ask for it at the next hearing if it seems like the judge will entertain your request at the hearing. My guess is she probably won't and you'll need to make that request at a later date. I would not file a motion to reconsider the allocation of costs prior to your scheduled trial date.