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Relocation and shared parental responsibility

Jacksonville, FL |

wife is relocating with the kids. i will have them during summer break for about 1 month a half.
is it possible to have her pay for the traveling expenses. can it be written into the divorce aggreements

can she be ordered by the judge to cover the children s travel expenses

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Short answer: You can ask for her to pay for travel expenses and/or ask for there to be an adjustment to your child support obligation, under the circumstances. The court will have to make a specific finding that justifies deviating from standard statutory support (which will require a motion to deviate from child support guidelines). I would have an attorney look at for certain because it is difficult to change/modify a Final Judgment once it has been entered. With all due respect, you sound very "comfortable" with your children moving (I don't know where) which will significantly impact your ability to help shape their lives and they yours! Everyone has to make their own decisions in life but I would encourage you to very carefully consider what you are doing because once it's done, it will be very difficult to "undo." And your kids deserve to have you in their lives. Good luck. Please talk to an attorney so that you do not get run over by whatever Agreement is being proposed.

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Yes, you can ask that she be responsible for travel expenses, however, be prepared for her to say no. At the very least the parties could agree to a 50/50 split of travel costs.

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