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Relocating to another state with 3 wks left of school what are my options for my kids

Moses Lake, WA |

I dont know exactly which school district we will be living in, we are relocating the the OKC area from wa state. My kids are in 1st and 3rd grade, we will be taking two weeks to move, and however long it takes to unpack a little and settle in. I do not want to throw my kids into a brand new school with only a couple weeks left. IM trying to find info on homeschooling them till just the end of the year, whos laws do i go on, Wa or OK, can i pull them out and homeschool them just for a few weeks. I just want to know what my options are. I cannot stay behind and finish the school year its just not an option for us. OKC schools get out approx the 3rd week in may Where the school they are in now get out the 2nd week of june

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I suggest that you go to the school that your children are enrolled in and discuss the matter. If you know where in OKC you will be living in the counselor's may be able to figure out the school your children would be enrolled in and the issue could be ironed out and the home schooling question could be addressed. In any event document the understanding and make sure--if the home schooling option exists--that you can document compliance.

On a different note, consider the possibility of making arrangements with local (WA) friends for the kids to stay there and finish the school year while you settle in and unpack. Of course, getting them to OKC presents other issues, among them financial. Best of luck.