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Relocated to ND from Nj. Noncustodial Parent of Three. Order of Alimony, can I protest it since I now reside in ND?

Bismarck, ND |

I was ordered to pay Alimony recently by NJ Court. My X claims that she is unmarketable in Nj for Full Time Employment, which I know isn't true. She holds a Master Degree in Pyschology. She also claims she is disapled due to her addiction to Alcahol Abuse. My co workers state that Alimony is hardly unheard of in ND and that I should protest this due to how much I pay and my X's reasoning to why she needs Alimony. Can I protest this since I am a resident of ND now?

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If you were ordered to pay your first step should be to contact a local attorney in the town in which your case was heard and see if you have any appeal rights left. Time limits are important - and short.

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