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Relocated to CA from another state with 2 dui convictions

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I have relocated from MA and have 2 dui convictions, the most recent from 2005. MA has an interlock program, but didn't participated because I was able to function there without a car. Since I have established CA residency I completed a form for MA acknowledging that I cannot legally drive in MA, in return they have cleared my current record status in MA with a "Z" restriction. In MA, the "Z" restriction is given to drivers who are required to have an interlock device when driving in MA. I have never before had a CA license and neither of my convictions were in CA. Will I need to take the CA classes and install the interlock device in order to drive in CA? I have a certified driving record from MA showing the reinstatement, but I'm concerned the "Z" status will carry over to CA. Will it?

My MA license has expired. After relocating to CA, I was able to obtain a CA license (a month ago - passed the test, got an interim license), but I was notified of its suspension a week later because CA learned of my MA convictions.

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You will need to attend and complete the SB-38 program in California. You need to make an appointment with the DMV and discuss your two prior convictions. Do not mention the interlock in the conversation. The DMV employee will be able to direct you on what you will have to do to be eligble to drive in California. This is not a court issue.

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The California DMV will follow whatever the MA DMV tells them to do. I sounds like you just need to have the interlock device installed. The best thing to do is contact your local DMV Driver's Safety Office. They will be able to inform you on what you need to do to get a restricted license.
Robert Driessen


It is likely that whatever MA requires, CA will require. You need to schedule an appointment with the CA DMV to see what they will require for you to get a license here. If MA requires the interlock device, CA probably will too. If you didn't complete MA classes, CA will probably require you to complete its second-time DUI class, SB-38. If you completed the MA 2nd DUI classes, then CA may not require you to take them.

This is a DMV issue. The courts generally do not get involved with these types of matters. Good luck.


Start with the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento. You will often get incorrect advice from the local DMV's, so start at the top.

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