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Releasing someone elses information on the internet.

San Diego, CA |

I posted someones cell phone number on a fake craigslist add that was asking for sexual favors. The person received pictures and texts from many individuals what might be the consequences for doing that

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If you are serious, I strongly suggest that you do not make any other posts about this and that you consult a local criminal attorney.

I am not a criminal attorney, but I seem to remember that California recently boosted penalties for things like this.

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Generally speaking anyone who is aggrieved by the acts of another, may decide to file a lawsuit. This includes where private information is posted on internet websites for fun and fodder. the questions that arises is whether or not there were any "damages" to speak of, but sometimes there are statutes that allow for other types of damages such as statutory or punitive damages for example. The best bet if in doubt is to discuss your case with an internet attorney.

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What you describe could be a criminal act, could possibly be construed as identity theft or even cyber bullying. It could potentially lead to a civil lawsuit also.
Stop talking about this in any public forum, hope that nothing ever comes of it, and if anything happens, contact a criminal or civil attorney immediately.


As the others have indicated, you have waded into the area of identity theft and cyber harassment both of which have criminal and civil implications (California also has a law about e-personation that recently went into effect). You should consult counsel for any further information.

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