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Reinstatement on felony probation

Augusta, GA |

hi my fiance is in jail for a violation of probation in florida for not reporting and not paying so technically he has 2 counts but for the same probation. so far he has been on probation for 3 and a half years and his mom payed it up for him for 3 years he was supposed to be off probation last september in 2010 and the warrents were set in september too. i dont exactly know what his total fine was but he was supposed to be paying 50 dollars a month. he was on probation for selling stolen goods to a pawn shop so im guessing thats a felony charge. its his first time ever violating but it has been 8 months since he has reported or payed. so whats the chance of him getting reinstated and please dont say it depends on the judge i wanna hear laws and things that usually happens

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Attorney answers 2


I would not bet on re-instatement of probation. From the fact provided most any judge would see this person is not going about the business if addressing his problems in a responsible way. But for the love of his Mom, he would have been gone a long time ago. This question needs to be understood in term of discretion. That is, somewhere between whim and prayful decernment. Laws do not mean much and when things happen in this sphere, "usual" becomes too variable to count on. Good luck.


What was his original sentence? How much has he served? Subtract. That will tell you what his exposure is as far as a revocation. But it's all about money. If he can pay all his restitution he should be able to negotiate a favorable result. If he can't pay, he is facing the revocation of the balance.