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I recently came across the term "title elimination." What does that mean??

Additional info.. When searching county records, two unmarried co-owners of property had a recent reconveyence, I saw in the record it also then said "title elimination" with no attached names or other explanation(s) The two still live at the address and no other problem I am aware..

What does "Title Elimination" refer to??

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"Title Elimination" usually refers to a mobile home or "manufactured home." Mobile homes are often classified not as "real estate" because they can be moved. Mobile homes that are not real estate are issued a vehicle title by the Department of LIcensing. They are not taxed as real estate by the county auditor.

However, a party can request a DOL title be "eliminated" and the mobile become part of the real estate. This avoids the need for a person to continually renew licensing with DOL and also, allows the mobile home to be sold with the property, as opposed to separate personal property.

Here is a link to the statutes (Revised Code of Washington - RCW) on title elimination, RCW Chapter 65.20:

RCW 65.20.010 explains the purpose of the statutory scheme pretty well, you should click on it and read it.



my rental home is in the process of foreclosure so i did not pay the full amount of rent to him for sep. he gave us a 3-day notice yesterday to pay or vacate but i have papers stating the house is in foreclosure is this legal for him to do if he does not own the home anymore and do i still have to pay him rent for a home he does not own and my lease is not up yet