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Regarding Internship for international Student in US

Des Plaines, IL |

My cousin has done MBA from India, i want him to do internship in US, Which visa will be suitable for him, How can i sponsor him? Pls guide

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J1 is the appropriate visa. You need to have a training program set up.

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Either a J-1 or a much harder to obtain H-3.

For the J-1one category you need a sponsoring organization, as well as a general training plan.

For an H-3 you don't need a sponsoring organization, but will need to present USCIS with an extensive, detailed training schedule,etc.

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I agree with my colleagues. He needs to identify a U.S. employer or J-1 program to apply for.


I agree, J is easier than H.

Go here for a list of qualified programs:

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First, you need to see if your business qualifies as a sponsor.
Second, you need a sponsoring organization that is the umbrella company for the J-1
Third, you must be mindful not to deplace a worker, or have your cousin or whoever to actually do work. An internship is an observatory position especially if you are not paying him. This could lead you into hours & wages laws violations.

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A J1 visa is most appropriate. You can sponsor him if you have a qualifying business. Seek an attorney's counsel to ensure you take all appropriate steps.

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