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Regarding I-751 application. We were asked (RFE) to provide the USCIS the bank statements of our joint accounts.

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My problem is, the bank did not update their record when my husband added me in his account. So the bank statements only reflect his name. I asked the bank to provide me a letter stating when I was added and the reason why my name does not appear in the statements. So, my plan is to have that as a cover and attached the affected statements even without my name. Is that enough? Also, can I redact the Account number shown in the statements, and just leave the last 4 digits? The initial documents we submitted were not redacted since the amount and activity were not reflected. But since we are providing full details, I feel that I should redact for protection. Please advice. Thank you.

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You never know. Is it possible to send in the contract you signed with the bank when he added you? I would send that in as we'll as the letter and the bank statements. I wouldn't redact don't want to risk raising suspicion, especially considering that they have already issued an RFE. Rarely do they issue second RFEs for any further doubts that may arise.

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I like your first idea of the bank statements with the explanation letter on top. I would not doctor any of the documents, that may raise red flags

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The RFE response should not be limited to the bank statements. Therefore the bank statements are of some consequence but there are other vehicles to prove you are in a bona fide relationship. Best bet is to retain counsel and widen the scope of your response.