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Regarding Form I-485: a family member (without internet or lawyer) needs help with Part 3.B.

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A family member applicant (I-485) has an adult child with an expired, but not surrendered, green card. For Part 3.B, does the applicant leave the space for an "A# (if any)" blank? Or does he fill in the A#? In either case, will the adult child be sought? The adult child now lives outside the country; how should he surrender his green card?

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If the person has an A# he needs to answer the question by providing the number.


Posted just to be clear, the applicant has to include his CHILD's A#, even if it's expired though not surrendered. And how does the child go about surrendering the card from outside the country? Can it be mailed to a CIS office?


This seems to be two separate questions - one on how the parent should complete the form, and 2nd how the adult child can relinquish their permanent resident status. The adult child needs to discuss with an immigration attorney how to best handle thier options if they no longer wish to maintain permanent residence.


If the person has an A# they must list it.

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