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Regaining joint custody after drug rehabilitation...I willing gave my child to the paternal grandparents when my son was a

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Little over a year old. They eventually filed for tempory custody n later got custody by default due to me not showing thou I never received papers. At this time they believed they were not blood related n never filed as grandparents. They received vdoc custody as opposed to ndoc. Which I was told was a positive. Soon after I was arrested. I wrote but they ignored me . I then went to long-term treatment for a year. We had no phone privileges so I wrote a letter n got no response. I went to court and received visitation as agreed upon. We were setting up a future visit and once the paternity results came back that he was blood I have never heard from them. I'm 19 months clean n about to leave a halfway house. I'm doing amazing. Do I have any hope? Are they trying to adopt? He'll be 4 soon.

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You have a complicated situation. This is really a hard question to answer on line. I think this is why four days have passed and no one has answered this for you. If you have completed rehab and you are clean that is good.

You need to do something soon to protect your rights. You should consult with a local attorney who concentrates in custody and Family Law matters. They will be able to better assess your situation and give you the advice you need to protect your rights as a parent. Good luck to you.

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It sounds like you have the basis for an application for a change of custody. The sooner you make the application the better. As for a better idea of what will happen speak to an attorney.

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