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Regain drivers license

Macon, MO |

dui in Michigan,license revoked until all fees are paid.arrest warrant in Flint,MI.State wants $1500,city wants money also.Good driving record until this conviction,but drug related convictions in '03.30 yrs old,living at parents,need to find work,license essential.There is no money,we are just getting by.

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You need to have a hearing to reinstate because of the revocation.

You really need to get a lot more information and contact a Michigan lawyer.

You should get the following information together:

Everything about your driving history
Paperwork related to each and every DUI you have
All treatment or counseling documentation you can get
All information about any evaluations for alcohol or drug issues you have taken

Then a lawyer can begin to help you formulate a plan to recover your privileges.

John Yetter


Missouri will not issue a drivers license if you are suspended in another state for any reason. Carl Ward


You may be able to qualify for a license in CO.

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