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Refinanced loan 4/26/09.Want to refinance now as HARP,but Fannie Mae said they purchased loan 7/1/09.How to verify this info?

Morton Grove, IL |

Purchase date 4/27/2006, refinance date 4/27/2009. Fannie Mae says loan ineligible for HARP due to date after 5/31/2009. Fannie Mae bought loan as of 7/1/2009. Why is so late if closing was 4/27/2009. Is this a game ?

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No, it doesn't sound like a game. It sounds like there was just a fairly routine amount of processing time. Before Fannie Mae will buy a loan, it needs to be duly recorded and bundled with other loans as well as meet some other requirements. That doesn't happen overnight. They can actually provide you with documentation to prove this if they wish. Usually, however, they just give out a copy of an assignment, possibly to MERS and tell you that's good enough. This sort of thing does catch some people. Sounds like you may be one of them. I wouldn't give up on refinancing yet, however. There are more programs out there that you might qualify for. Good luck.

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