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Reducing fees on CA speeding ticket

Sacramento, CA |

Hello again,

Got my notice in the mail and my fine is $328! Went 81 in 65, just 1 mph put me in the "16-25 mph over" area.

When I go to court on the day they told me, what can I expect? I know I'm guilty, but I want to see if it can be reduced to the "1-15 mph over" fine ($214). Do I plead not guilty?

Will I automatically see a judge who can reduce the fine since I'm a first time violator (and if so, do I need to pay extra to see him)?

What is a realistic final fine? Reducing $320 to... $200? Or is that expecting too much?

Last, can I have a reduction of fees AND traffic school?

Thank you!

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It depends on the judge and the officer. If the officer does not appear for your trial date, then the ticket will be dismissed. In busy jurisdictions like Oakland where the police have better things to do than sit in traffic court, this happens quite often. If the officer appears and you are convicted of the traffic offense, then it depends on the judge and the impression you make. Some judges will be lenient on the theory that you have sacrificed a lot of your valuable time in traffic court, which should count towards the punishment. Other judges will be angry that you've wasted valuable court time.

If this is solely a money issue, than it is not worth hiring a lawyer. However, there are other issues - such as if you have a CDL - then it may be worth your while to hire someone. Good luck to you.


Ask the judge for a reduction in fines. Tell him that 1mph is within the range of accuracy for the speed you were traveling.

Your expectations are realistic.

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