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Red light ahead, right turn lane with a yield sign ?

Chelmsford, MA |


Imagine an intersection with the traffic light in the front and there is a dedicated right turn lane with an yield sign, my question is ,

a) If the traffic light is red, the car on the right turn lane with the yield sign, should it completely stop and then turn right when safe ? or slowly drive by if it is safe to do so ?

I understand if it is red light and there is no yield sign, then the car at the right lane MUST stop, my confusion is what if there is a yield sign and it is safe to turn right without stoppin ?


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If this actually happened to you and is not a purely hypothetical question, and you got a ticket (and you want to fight the ticket), I'd suggest contacting a defense attorney to advocate on your behalf. I just scanned the RMV's Driver's Manual and I don't think it answers this question. However, there is certainly a case to be made that the maneuver you describe is perfectly acceptable. Particularly in light of this description of what to do when facing a yield sign:

"When you see a YIELD sign, slow down and be prepared to stop. Let vehicles, bicyclists,
and pedestrians go before you proceed. You must come to a complete stop if traffic
conditions require it." (page 86, RMV Driver's Manual -- linked below).

Whether the yield sign or the red light takes priority I think depends also on the actual design of the intersection. Is it a simple cross or is there a "ramp" of sorts which gently turns from one road to the other, with the yield sign at the end of that turn? It's an interesting question, but I think what you did (assuming this question is not purely hypothetical) is fine.

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Hi Douglas, Thank you for your response. It was a hypothetical question, It came up when I was talking to somebody. I see many right turn lanes with a yield sign and a traffic light ahead, I slow down, and turn right only if it is safe. If no yield sign I stop and then turn. However there seem to be some who have never seen a right turn lane with a yield sign and argue must stop in a red light for right turn with or without yield sign. I am surprised.

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