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Recover Money From Stop Payment

New York, NY |

My last roommate gave me a check for $1150 to cover February rent (his last month). I deposited it January 22, 2010. On March 3, I received a notice that this amount was deducted from my bank account. He stopped payment without telling me and with no explanation. The back fees for bounced checks that resulted from the stop payment add up to $175.

I have tried to reach him by email and phone and get no response. I need this money very badly and can't afford an attorney.

The bank officer suggested that I show up in his office and demand the money.


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Best Answer

I agree with Latigo. Take him to Small Claims Court. I don't like the idea of showing up and confronting him face to face, unless you're a lot bigger than him. That's a joke. Don't do it unless you can keep your cool and you have some belief he'll do the right thing and pay his portion of the rent.

Good luck.