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Recording phone call conversations 2 party consent state as well, interstate recording laws.

Rock Hill, SC |

Im in South Carolina. me and roomate have renters insurance and were burglarized 3 weeks ago. filed claim with insurance company in Florida. SC and FL are 2 party consent states for recording phone calls. Adjuster wanted to do a phone recording statement with me on phone, no problem, but I informed them I wanted to record the conversation as well. They refused to allow that for whatever reason? shady!!! Then, they had a question for my roomate, got him on the phone and asked him for permission to do a recording phone interview ( I wasnt aware of this until after )..They asked him questions and were recording. He was also asking me questions for clarification. Of course I, in the background was talking giving answers. Should they have gotten my permission also if im heard in the background?

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If the adjuster is in Florida, I am not sure. In South Carolina and the majority of states they only need one party's consent to record phone calls. So if both parties are in SC you only need one parties permission to record a call. However some states require consent of all parties, and if one party is in a state that requires consent, then all parties have to consent regardless of where the recording takes place.

I think you need an attorney from the State were the call was coming from to answer this question.

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