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Reckless driving charge/conviction 9 years ago in Fla. how long will this stay on my record and can i have this charge expunged

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convicted of reckless driving, no injury 9 years ago in florida where i reside. background check showed this but also stated a juvenile situation. i am 52? stopping me from my job search. what can i do to make this go away once and for all. i paid 20 thousand in legal fees at the time

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Your criminal record remains with you for life. You may have your record sealed if you received a withhold adjudication of guilt . If you were adjudicated guilty or convicted, you will not be able to have this charge sealed. If you have ever been adjudicated on any charge, you will not be able to have the charge sealed. If you are able to get the record sealed, you will have to wait ten years before the charge can be expunged.


You will have to pay more legal fees to get this charge expunged. You can expunge one time in your life. This will stay on your record forever, unless you get it expunged. Consult with an aggressive criminal defense attorney in your area to find out how much it will cost. It usually takes around 6 months to get the certificate of eligibility from FDLE, a fee of $75, and get it all done.

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I agree with Attorney Wright. Your criminal record is for life. Sealing your record would be the best way to go if you are eligible.

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Also, keep in mind that internet search engines carry a lot of your personal information. If you are able to get your reckless driving expunged or seal, the information that has already been released into the internet will take a while to fade away (e.g. mugshot). I recommend you draft a letter and contact the agencies that have released this information requesting they remove your information if you qualify to expunge or seal your reckless driving.

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