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Reckless driving

Fort Myers, FL |

I was pulled over for a moving traffic violation (reckless driving 1st off ever) i was in a 3 lane way street and pulled all the way left then all the way right an i was speeding 20 miles above the speed limit, well thats what they said anyways. I didn't get a ticket, i got arrested wasted spent about 12 hours downtown and was charged with a misdemeanor. I have never even had a speeding ticket or any type of problem with the law this was my first arrest ever. I was wondering if their was any way to 1. have the charges erased for my records and 2. have the charges dropped

i was not drunk, not under any type of influence i didnt even get close to hitting anybody, i did cut some people off but i feel that was worthy of a ticket not being dragged down town and spending 12 hours their and paying 500 bucks to get what can i do?

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Reckless driving does not require your being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It requires a driving pattern that shows a disregard for the safety of others. Certainly, speeding, multiple lane changes, and "cutting people off" may constitute reckless driving. As to resolution, as this is your first criminal offense, you may be offered some sort of plea that would either result in dismissal or a reduced charge.


The answers to questions 1 and 2 are yes and yes. As to the what can i do question, we, first, cannot go back in time so we should focus on what we can do now as opposed to what has already happened. Now you can hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney in your area. He or she will be able to appear for you at arraignment and advise you as to whether the evidence is sufficient and/or whether you qualify for a diversionary program (after successful completion charges are dropped). And, the lawyer could assist you with a sealing of your record presuming you are not adjudicated guilty.
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