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Recieved ex-parte notice from father of 2 1/2 year old. Do I need to be present? What happens of I'm not presesnt? What to do

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I was not married to my childs' father. He lives in another county and I do not drive. He also has legal custody of another child who he says is not welcome in his home. Another child is also currently living in his home. I fear for the safety of my 2 1/2 year old child. I am with my parents in a safe environment and need advise ASAP. How should I proceed???

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What is the ex parte request asking for? Do you agree with the request? Do you have custody of the child?

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I do not know what the ex parte request is asking for, so I do not know if I am in agreement or not. The child is physically in my custody;there have been no arrangements made with the court as of this time.


You need to request a copy of the moving papers immediately. Contact a local family law attorney and see if you can retain counsel. Prepare a response and have someone provide a response to the court and the other party.

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