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Recieved citation for running a red light in Austin, TX. When I entered the intersection, the light was yellow,

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The light turned from yellow to red before I made it all the way across the intersection. The cop stated that If the light turns red before I make it all the way to the other side, that I am guilty of the violation. I have reviewed the TX Transportation Code. Nowhere, does it state that I must stop for a yellow light, only that a yellow light is a warning that a red signal is to be given. I have a jury trial coming up and want to know what to expect and what the best defense is.

Well as an update, I went to court armed with an extensive defense strategy and the officer did not show, so my ticket was dismissed!

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You would be well served by having an experienced traffic attorney take over this matter for you. While you may have read the code, actually understanding courtroom procedure and how to properly cross examine a police officer tend to be major stumbling blocks for most pro se litigants.

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Get a traffic ticket lawyer.

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