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Recently started homeschooling, CPS comes knocking

Spokane, WA |

I recently took my son out of public school and started homeschooling to prepare him for private catholic school in the Fall. CPS came pounding, I mean with no exaggeration, pounding at my door. My daughter was sleeping and my son and I were at the kitchen table completing lessons and we looked at each other terrified. I am a single mom and I don't answer the door for anyone. They left me a card saying they were coming back. It's been two days and they haven't showed up. My number one question is do I let them in? Do I even open the door? And if I don't will they take my kids? I have nothing to hide and I am following all of the WA State Homeschooling Laws. I heard if you let them in CPS can lie and use anything against you, even if your home is spotless, etc.

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It may or not may involve homeschooling. They were mostly likely there because they received intake of community referrals of potential neglect or abuse of your children. They will be back, and if you avoid them then the situation can escalate into a full blown pick-up order and a dependency action.

You will need to talk to them, but you need to be prepared. If it is the homeschooling issue then just have your documents ready. If it is more, make sure everything in your house is clean, safe, with enough good food. They'll most likely ask you to do a UA. Take recent photos of the conditions of your living space. It helps to have witnesses, good witnesses, people who can and willing to testify at court if need be. Those are just general tips .

You will most likely need an attorney. You will need an local attorney who deals with CPS.


Not answering the door or avoiding CPS isn't the answer. Get it all out in the open and talk to them and then they will be informed and guessing what to do.

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