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Recently had a physical altercation are work with an unprovoked co-worker. No supervisor was on duty till hours afterwards

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I don't think so. I think it is an example of a hostile person or two.

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No. This sounds more like a personal problem with one person. Report it to your supervisor.

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"Hostile work environment" is a term of art which arose out of the law of employment discrimination on the basis of sex. It referred to a work environment permeated with objectionable sexualized conduct such as catcalls, wolf whistles, come-ons, leers, crude jokes or comments, centerfold posters, etc., which created a completely different working environment depending upon which gender one belonged to. Garden-variety workplace hostility, "workplace bullying," is generally not actionable as employment discrimination against employer, but a co-worker who commits a battery commits an actionable tort and may be sued in his own right.

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