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Receiving Unemployment if I quit my job for a good reason.

Linden, NJ |

I would like to know if I can collect unemployment if I quit my job.
I work at a shipping dept. for a company in N.J., I work on the UPS computer, I have to lift boxes all day to put on a scale and process. I've been doing this for a year. This job has been taking a toll on my body, I injured my chest wall, and constantly have pain in my leg joints. I went to my doctor about the pain that I felt in my chest, and she diagnosed me with chest wall injury.
I brought a note in to my manager stating that I couldn't lift boxes, He glanced at the note and quickly handed it back to me. I was told I would be given something else to do. But two weeks have gone by and still nothing.
If I happen to complain about the pain he calls me a wos. and says that he had broken ribs before and still did his job, by the way I am a female 5'2" 123lbs.

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