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Receiving social security

Albany, GA |

Can someone apply for their ssi and receive it can they have it go to their wife while they're an inpatient in rehab for substance abuse and mental health

is it social security disability the money someone has worked for thats what i mean he tried to apply and get his social security before he went into rehab the one he worked for they turned him down should an attorney be hired i'm talking about me being a payee since he has said he wants me to handle it he can't manage money

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SSI is need based. When you are in rehab, your need is at least decreased if not gone - your food, utilities and rent etc are covered under the rehab fees. And the benefits are supposed to go to you - not the wife, or children, or others. At the very least the benefits will be reduced - but without checking the regulations, I seem to recall a provision that says benefits are suspended (or if paid, future benefits are suspended) to account for the time you are in rehab. And if you fail to tell Social Security about going into rehab, that could be considered fraud. So, plan on going, tell SSA about it and you should be ok.

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The "money you have worked for" is more likely Social Security disability. Thioe benefits will continue while you are in rehab.

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I agree with my colleagues. From your question it appears that you worked during your lifetime and therefore paid the tax. If that is the case it is disability (not SSI) and therefore you would be entitled to receive it during your rehab. I hope that this helps and that you get better.

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