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Received two moving violation tickets within two month in Illinois

Schaumburg, IL |

I got a speeding ticket (80mph over 55mph) on Nov/2012 and paid the fine to to attend traffic school, and I have not received any responds from the state for attending the school date. I got the second ticket on Jan/2013 (50 over 35) . Am I still under supervision? Can I receive court supervision and take the driving class on this ticket since it is in a different calendar year?

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It is very possible that you are still on supervision. Although you are eligible for court supervision twice within a 12 month period (not based on calendar year), it is at the court's discretion to grant you a second order. You should consult with an attorney to ensure the best result possible and avoid a conviction on your public record. Mailing in your most recent ticket and requesting supervision is a poor decision. More information is available at the links below.

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Attorney Davis is spot-on. I just want to emphasize that if your still on supervision and get one more moving violation before November 2013, your license is subject to suspension for a minimum of two months. It would be prudent to hire an attorney ASAP and get this resolved properly.

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