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Received speeding ticket for going 15 mph over

Dunwoody, GA |

This is my first ticket and I am 20 years old. I would be amazed if I could get a plea deal for it to be 14 mph instead and a slightly cheaper total cost of the ticket, but i'm not sure how plea bargaining works or how to propose it. Also I lacked information since this is my first, and when the officer came to my car and asked "Did you know you were going 50 in 35?, Why were you doing 50 in 35?" my answers were "No," and, "I may have been distracted by my music," respectively. Some of my co-workers and classmates who've gotten a speeding ticket are telling me to always plead Not Guilty. Overall I would like to know how this process will go through. It would be great if anyone knows specifically how it's handled at Dunwoody Municipal Court. Thank you very much in advance!

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Dunwoody Municipal Court is one of the best courts around. When they call your name say you want to speak with the prosecutor. When you meet with him/her just ask to have the speed lowered 1 mph. That's pretty much all their is to it. Dunwoody does have heavy calendars so be prepared to wait. If you hire an attorney you'll get in, and out, very quickly as they take attorney cases first.

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You should definitely plead not guilty, and consider hiring a local traffic ticket lawyer to help you work out the ticket to a lesser offense. You may be able to succeed by yourself, but a lawyer always has a better chance of getting you a better plea offer.


Do a Defensive Driving class take the certificate to Court with you, ask for a Pretrial and show the DD to the Solicitor ask for a Guilty plea to 14 over and your golden presuming you are a GA licensee. Fines are generally not negotiable.

You should consult an Attorney that handles Traffic cases in the jurisdiction you received the citation to evaluate your options.