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Received notice to quit 2 days after rent was due while landlord is in foreclosure, not sure if it's a legal notice to quit?

York, PA |

Rent always paid on time . Last month , had repairs done that she never did ( 5 months - kept text mags between us ) , which took entire month's rent . This month , told her I was consulting atty today as to who to pay rent to b / c she is in foreclosure ( we rec'd notice from sheriff late Jan . ) On 3rd , a man gave notice to quit to my daughter ( date , address , my name ) This letter serves as a notice to quit . You have 5 days from today to pay $ 1400 on OR before 3 / 8 / 13 . This includes late payment of 2 months . Nonpayment will result in eviction proceedings . As stated in lease " no pets may stay there , even temporarily " . So therefore you also have 5 days from the date above to remove all pets . Failure to do so will result in eviction proceedings . This tr serves as your first & final notice . Any advice

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The landlord retains legal title to the property at all times throughout any foreclosure that is filed against them. Title is only changed when the final sale is made and a new deed is issued for the property.

So yes, the landlord had the legal right to give the notice of eviction. As an Ohio attorney. I can not comment on whether the form of the notice was correct. Good luck.

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