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Received from lawyers motion to enforce litigants rights. They asked me to mail them info on my car and bank statements.

Millburn, NJ |

Can l be arrested if l dont do this or go to court?

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Yes you can. The reason for this motion is that you ignored an earlier request or order to do something. This is what litigants do when the adverse party doesn't do what they ask or what is required by court rules or court order.

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Yes you can. There will be a warrant for your arrest for failure to answer the questions, or supply the information.

The practical result from this is that you could get picked up, taken to court, and then the Judge would require you to answer the questions in court, and not let you leave, and even put you in jail until you answer the questions. It is extremely rare that anyone ever gets sent to jail because everyone always chooses to answer the question.

You can always take your chances that the person who filed the motion just drops it and doesn’t pursue it, but that is a big risk.

Instead. you should answer the questions, but beyond that, contact a lawyer to assist you in getting this judgment that the other side has against you resolved in the easiest and best fashion.

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Yes. If you violate the court order to produce certain information, a warrant can be issued for your arrest.

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The short answer is yes. If there is some reason why you don't want to give copies of these documents, then seek an experienced litigation attorney asap to advocate on your behalf and potentially object to the Subpoena and/or oppose the motion. Many attorneys, such as myself, offer free 30 minute consultations. Good luck.

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