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Received a traffic ticket for obstructed view out of rear window in NY, but have two side view mirrors. Am I guilty?

Albany, NY |

Vehicle and Traffic Law of NY state (2014) in Title 3, Article 9, Section 375-12-b state that a vehicle's rear window can be covered with opaque material as long as that vehicle has two side view mirrors on both sides of the car which allow the driver to see the road behind the vehicle. There was snow on my rear window, but my vehicle has side view mirrors. All other windows were clear of snow. Am I guilty of an obstruction of view charge or am I within the parameters of the law. I believe that I was driving legally per my interpretation of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law.

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Attorney answers 3


Your interpretation is correct. You must plead not guilty.


It appears that your interpretation of the statute is correct. However, it would still be best to hire an attorney to handle this on your behalf. An attorney would know how to get the ticket dismissed in it's entirety.