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Received a ticket for "Failure to obey stop sign" in Kennesaw, GA. Can't afford to recieve any more points

Kennesaw, GA |

I am 17 Years old, and I received a speeding ticket the day I got my license. The court did not cut me a break and I got 3 points. My court date for this ticket June 8, one month and 15 days before the 1 year mark of my previous ticket (when my points would "drop off").
Is it possible to do anything to either have points removed, delay the court date, or plead nolo? Is there any chance in fighting this ticket? I will be out of the country on the scheduled court date, so that buys me a little bit of time.

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Attorney answers 1


I know the City of Kennesaw Solicitor personally and can tell you he's a reasonable guy. That said, postponement of the court date may be in your best interest in an effort to get the points to "drop off" as you said. Thenit may be possible to get the Failure to Obey Stop Sign handled in a manner that does not impact your driver history too terribly. Based on your stated driver history, I would be hesitant to use the Nolo plea on this charge if it can be delayed.