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Received a speeding Ticket for going 62 in a 45 .He wrote wrong license information.

Atlanta, GA |

I have a CDL license and he wrote that it is not. If he cannot read a drivers license how do we know that he can read a laser properly? I do not believe I was going that fast anyway plus I really want to keep the points off my license.

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As discussed your best approach may be to kindly ask for your ticket to be modified. There may be information or details that could suggest ineffective use of the laser based on the location etc, which could help your request for a lesser pleading. I have written a legal guide about challenging a citation, it may be helpful.

Good Luck.

Zeb Chandler

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Your argument is not going to help you very much and, in fact, is likely to irritate the judge you appear before to argue this ticket. Moreover, whether you have a CDL or not does not change the relevant facts that must be proved in order to find you guilty: your speed and the posted limit. You would be better off going to court and asking nicely for a reduction in the speed. If you have a clean driving history (either clean or no recent tickets), you will be in an excellent position to request a reduction. With a CDL, it is always advisable to hire counsel to assist with your case.

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If you believe that you were not speeding at the speed listed and you do not want points on your license, you should consult with an attorney to see what options you have. One option is to contest the charges at a trial.This option has some inherent risk. Your attorney may be able to come up with other options that may accomplish your goal of keeping pionts off of your license.

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