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Received a noise complaint in the mail

Philadelphia, PA |

Today I received a fine in the mail for not having paid a noise violation ticket for having my radio too loud in my car. I never even received a noise violation in the mail and I was never pulled over by a cop. I don't see how its fair for me to now pay for a ticket and a fine on not paying a ticket, for a ticket that I never received. Any advice on how I could fight this?

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Contact the court that issued it and ask to contest the ticket (if it is not too late). You can also request information on how the court file says you were given notice of the violation.

If you can contest it, you should. An infraction like this should be served on the violator at the time of the violations because you might not have been driving the car--just because you won the car, doesn't mean you committed the violation.

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Go to court for the hearing and state "I motion to dismiss this complaint due to the lack of facts to support the complaint". It should get dismissed. I had to deal with the same thing.