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Received a letter for a speeding ticket in 2006 , moved out of country 2 days after ticket was issued

Corpus Christi, TX |

but before leaving called the city to pay and was told it was not in the system yet.when I returned in 2007 I received a letter paid the amount requested for no contest. Called the city was told payment received 0 balance owing , judgement rendered , everything is ok..2 wks ago I got a letter that I cant renew license for failure to appear...How was I able to renew my license upon returning (from other country 2 state i live in ) and 5 years later I am dealing with a warrant and fees for a ticket that was paid in full and a plea of no contest checked on the invoice which to this day they confirmed was received. I am getting the run around .What do I do?

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There are two separate issues when it comes to municipal court tickets and missed court dates. There is the original ticket AND there is almost always a Failure to Appear filed. This is when it goes to warrant status. Unfortunately when you took care of the ticket the court staff should have also helped you to resolve the FTA as well. Generally if you're willing to pay the ticket, you can negotiate to get the FTA dismissed. Hire a local traffic ticket attorney that can help you maneuver the archaic muni system and get this cleared.

Good luck


Hire a local lawyer to straighten out the issue. They'll have more luck.

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Failures to Appear and Violations of Promises to Appear are often filed in Municipal Courts, but there are many instances where these cases are not properly filed. I agree with the prior comment. If you can hire an attorney to look into the matter, they might find that the case was not properly filed or that you have a defense or even that the City is willing to dismiss the charge because you paid the underlying ticket.


A traffic ticket attorney may be your best best. If you have proof that you paid before your court date you should ultimately be able to straighten out the situation. However, as we all know the way things are run in the government doe not always make sense.

The one thing you also have to look out for is whether these this FTA is one and the same with the ticket you made and not some ticket you may have overlooked.

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