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Received a disorderly conduct ticket well over 2 years it on my background check?

Royersford, PA |

Well over two years ago I was given a ticket for disorderly conduct/hazardous physical offense because I was with a "lovely" young woman who was smoking (obviously not a cigarette). After some harassment by the cops and her "going off" and admitting to things, I was dragged into it and being the young dummie I was, I paid the ticket...thereby admitting guilt as I've been told. My question is, will this show up on a background check? I am applying to jobs and need to know, do I have to answer yes to any of the criminal questions?

Thank you in advance for any help!

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If you were not fingerprinted, it will not show up on the State Police record. However, it would be easy for a prospective employer to find the charge on the public record network. You can honestly indicate to an employer that you were never arrested or charged with a misdeamenor or a felony. You will be able to have the charged expunged within five years of the plea. Good luck.


It could come up depending on the company doing the records check, when 5 years pass I would suggest pursuing expungement to be sure that it is off of your record.

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It may or may not show up on a background check depending on what kind of check is run and the facts of the initial citation.

You can work with an attorney on this one. In addition to pursuing expungement (if possible), an attorney can probably help you figure out whether there's even a record in the first place.

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From the information you provided, it seems that you received a non-traffic citation and you checked the guilty box, and sent in the money and paid the costs. But, being that it was a summary-level offense, a not-fingerprintable offense, it would not appear in many criminal record repositories, such as the Pennsylvania State Police. It likely would appear in the public record. You may check your status on to verify, but that link is not all-inclusive.

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